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Poor drainage causes flooding in Holy Family Church

Having clean end efficient drains would answer the prayers of Father Paddy O’Kane, the priest at the Holy Family Church in Ballymagroarty. His church was recently struck for the second time by flooding, as excess water spewed from the overwhelmed drains outside the rear doors.

Church Flooding

The flooding occurred during a Requiem Mass that was being held back in June (2014). The flood waters started to come through the rear doors of the chapel. The congregation ralied round and worked through the night to clear as much of the water from inside as they could. Pews were stached and furniture was moved to make room for the work to be done.

In this particular situation, the problem appears to be due to the drains themselves be insufficient for the amount of water that needs to be carried away. The drains are handling water for the school up the hill behind the chuch and the road suface drains.

Solving this problem is goinf to be expensive for the town, but similar problems are seen throughout the country and often the problems are easier to solve.

Obstructions and a build up of residue on the side walls of drains, can easily reduce the water flow and limit the effectiveness of the drainage system. A CCTV Drainage Survey can locate such problems without any major disruption. Once these problems are identified, modern drain cleaning methods like High Pressure Jetting can be used to restore the drains to their former self.

If you are aware of drains being inefficient, it’s worth checking to see what can be done to rejuvenate them before a disaster strikes.

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