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Latest Health & Safety Accreditation

Exor- Accreditation

We are pleased to announce our latest Health and Safety Accreditation awarded by Exor.

It has been an ongoing policy at Cresco Services to meet the very highest standards in the service we deliver to our customers, each and every day. Ensuring we maintain our standards by attaining accreditations through recognised bodies such as Exor, means the quality of our knowledge is also measured by industry professionals.

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Blocked Drains Costing £1.9m a year

Blocked Drains Caused By Fat

Severn Trent Water is splashing out roughly £1.9 million a year on tackling blocked drains caused by fat and grease flushed down Birmingham drains. In one area of Birmingham alone where there are over 200 food outlets, they are suffering 550 sewer blockages a year. For the water company, grease is definitely the word – and a dirty word, at that.

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