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Most Common Cause of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are never welcome; they can leave your toilets and sinks unable to drain as well as leaving an awful lingering smell. It always seems as though they happen to block at the most unwanted of occasions, but what actually causes the blockages? Take a look below at the 5 most common reasons for blocked drains.

Blocked Drains cause problems for everyone

Blocked Drains Top 5 Culprits

Nature – As much as we like nature, some parts do mess about with commercial draining systems. In the autumn especially, as there are leaves falling continuously. Too many leaves clumped together when wet can be the cause of a blocked drain, as well as any other debris. Tree roots are also a culprit of blocked drains, as they search for the closest source of water and can crack pipes, leading to the blockages.

Poor Workmanship – Pipes are surprisingly fragile, especially vitrified clay pipes. They need to be fitted with due care and attention to avoid any problems leading to blockages. If pipes are disturbed by subsequent works e.g. extension building, the problems take some time to become apparent.

Grease & Fat – Most fatty substances dry and end up sticking to the sides of pipes when washed down the sink. Grease and fat are known for sticking to the sides of pipes and gradually build up over time until, eventually, no more liquid can pass through. This is the point when the blockage will become evident and action will need to be taken.

Hair – Although there are ways to prevent it, hair build-up is a common cause of blocked drains. It usually worsens over time, as the build-up continues to grow. First of all it may cause slow drainage and then finally, none at all.

Foreign Objects – Materials such as soap or food can build up between the drainpipe and the pipes underneath. Although they may not fully block the drain, they will collect any other substances that are washed down and could eventually cause the drain to block. Nappies, sanitary items and too much tissue paper cause blocked toilets when flushed. Young children are often known for their antics of flushing anything and everything down the toilet!

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