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Home Buyer Drainage Survey

Home Buyer Drainage Survey

In recent years, home buyer drainage surveys have become increasingly more popular. Part of the reason for this is purely down to the wisdom of the potential new home owner. Many have learned the hard way, by discovering ‘hidden’ problems that don’t reveal themselves until you’re several months into living in your new home. However, we are also seeing an increase in home buyer drainage surveys being a requirement of the Mortgage Company, Insurer or both. These will need to be completed before the exchange of contracts.

Whatever the initial trigger for a home buyers drainage survey, it’s important to understand the true value this type of survey offers home owners. We are all accustomed to regular house surveys, that tell us about the condition of the roof, walls and floors of our properties. They even make us aware of the potential problems of Trees and other environmental issues like the possibility of flooding. But for so many years, we have been oblivious to problems that lie below the surface in the form of our drains and if we find problems, who is liable to put things right? Do we have to pay or is it down to the local water company?

A Home Buyer Drainage survey should be carried out by a qualified specialist, recognised by the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). This offers many reassurances, as you know the knowledge of those carrying out any drainage works on your property regularly have their skills checked to ensure they are up to industry standards. Of course, Cresco Services www.crescoservices.com has been a member of the NADC for several years so you know you’re in safe hands with us.

So what does a Homebuyer Drainage Survey tell me?

With a professional drainage survey, you don’t just want to know if the drains are ok, you want as much detail back as possible that can be used for future reference.

Drainage Structural Condition – We start by telling you about the structural condition of the drainage system. This is probably where most people think it ends, but we can tell you so much more than just the condition of the drainage pipework.

Location of Misconnections – Misconnections are another problem that we often find and are problematic. We will bring any of these to your attention.

Tree, etc, Root Infiltration – although a tree or large shrub may seem a long way from the property and its drainage, these roots travel a long way and can cause damage to, or collapse of, drain walls and joints. A survey will identify if this has occurred.

Pest Infestation – We don’t like the thought of Rats crawling around our pipes and sewers but that’s where you find them. They can burrow between joints and make their homes in the surrounding earth. This excavation can lead to a collapse of drain pipes and so checking for the presence of vermin is vital.

Drain Mapping – A drain map makes it easy to identify the path and positioning of your homes drainage system and the location of specific components. This can be especially helpful if home owners are considering future property extensions or significant changes to their garden terrain. Best to know what lies below and just how far down it is.

Drainage System Ownership – So you now know where a problem is, but whose responsibility is it to repair it? Perhaps you are connected to a shared drain and a survey will identify if this is the case. You can then enquire where your responsibility for drain repairs ends and is passed on to another party or shared amongst a group of owners before you exchange contracts.

Having all this information to hand, equips home owners with the knowledge they need prior to making a purchase and in the long term, for peace of mind in the future. If a problem arises in years to come, you will know exactly whose responsibility it is and who to contact.

With a completed home buyers drainage survey, if any problems have been identified, we’ll also provide you with your options for repairs and make any appropriate recommendations for you.

If you have any further questions about our range of drainage surveys, then please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to discuss our services and any concerns you may have about your existing drainage system.

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