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Electro Mechanical Cleaning – What is it?

Electro mechanical cleaning is a technique used to thoroughly purge and de-scale waste pipes and drains.

The cleaning and clearing of drain pipes and sewers is by no means an exact science. The techniques used are often a combination of new and old, from simple drain rodding to more sophisticated high pressure water pumps.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning

An electro-mechanical drain machine with flexible steel cables and cutters is inserted and cuts through debris to restore normal drainage function. This work is often accompanied by acid cleaning of the wastes and drains. Electro mechanical cleaning can also be used to unblock sinks and urinals. There is a range of Electro Mechanical tools, which are often used to clean pipes and drains in various situations.

This equipment is portable and is usually applied to jobs where there are minor blockages or when high pressure jetting is not appropriate. It’s the safe, clean and practical way to clear small bore pipe work where intrusive high pressure water jetting would be impractical or may cause flooding.

Hard substances, such as uric scale lime scale and concrete residue, can be removed via electro mechanical cleaning. It’s used inside buildings, in soil and vent pipes and primary pipe work and servicing sinks and urinals. It’s fast and efficient for clearing blockages and minimises the disruption and damage to the fabric of your property and doesn’t cause for unhygienic conditions, which are often a factor in many drainage related incidents.

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