Tanker & Gully Sucker Service

Our Tanker service provides the ideal solution for the removal of waste from sewage or surface water pits or chambers.

Tank and Interceptor Liquid Waste Removal

Surface Water Chambers that serve Car Parks, also referred to as Petrol Interceptors, require cleaning on a regular basis. This is because oily sludge waste build up within the chambers.

A Tanker is used to safely remove the oily waste from within the chamber. The chamber itself can then be jet washed clean. The waste extracted from the chamber is then removed from the site and transported to an authorised waste management site.

The property where the waste is removed from must be registered with the Environment Agency. We can manage any registrations with the Environment Agency on behalf of any potential new customer, so please contact us to find out how we can help you.

The Tanker can also be used to remove sewage from a waste pump pit in the event of pump failure or just as a planned maintenance visit.

Sewage pump pits are prone to becoming heavily soiled with grease and detergent. The pits often require cleaning as a maintenance procedure to prevent premature pump failure.

Gully Sucking and Maintenance

Gully Suckers are used to empty surface water road gullies of any debris.

Waste removed from these gullies is then transported to a registered waste management site for correct disposal.

The service of clearing surface water gullies can be carried out as a planned maintenance visit or as a reactive procedure to assist the free-flowing of the surface water to prevent flooding.

As with all our Plumbing and Drainage Services, they are available to both domestic home owners and commercial properties, as well as being part of planned maintenance or a reactive emergency call out.

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