Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Professional Drain Cleaning is often only regarded by many as an Emergency Service, whereby we get called out to clear blocked drains after a problem occurs. It’s also important to understand the benefits, both financial and convenience related, that regular maintenance of drains provides. We are happy to discus your individual requirements, asses your current situation and advise on suitable intervals for and drain cleaning work required.

Blocked Drains Service

The majority of work we carry out in relation to drains is the clearing of blockages with our High Pressure Jetting System. Our vehicles are fitted with onboard units that produce a very high pressure flow of water to the jetting heads, which are fed into the drainage system. These high pressure jetting heads can be propelled up to 100 metres through the drainage system to locate any obstructions and disperse any blockages. Depending on the particular service required, our high pressure drain jetting systems can be adapted by the use of specialist drain jetting heads. These specialist drain jetting heads have been designed for the De-Scaling of pipework or for the removal of Grease Build-up from the drainage system.

Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Some blocked drains are not caused by the usual suspects, but by plant roots invading drainage systems in search of moisture and nourishment. A special mechanical drain clearing unit that spins at high speeds is used on these occasions to break down the root cluster and flush the remains away. This system is also used on other stubborn blockages when they prove difficult to shift.

Blocked Toilet, Sink or Shower

Internal blockages within the waste pipes and traps that serve bathroom fittings like the toilet, bath, sink and shower tray are mainly caused by detergents, hair and other things that we never intended to disappear down the plug hole. This type of blockage can often be cleared with a plunger. When that doesn’t work, a mechanical drain clearing machine is used. These drain machines propel a metal spring like rod through the waste pipework, breaking up and dislodging and blockages, clearing the way for the waste water to flow once again. This is sometimes done in conjunction with a chemical drain cleaning agent.

Blocked Kitchen Drain

Blocked Drains, blocked sink traps and other pipework in and around the kitchen, are usually caused by a combination of detergent and food waste grease. These mix together and line inner walls of the waste plumbing, building up over time restricting and then completely blocking the flow of any waste water. This type of blockage can be cleared in the first instance with the use of a plunger. If the problem persists, a mechanical drain clearing machine can be used. The metal spring like rod is propelled through the waste pipework to clear any stubborn blockages. It is also often required to dismantle any waste traps and clear them manually.

Blocked Gutters and Downpipes

Blocked gutters and downpipes not only cause water to overflow in areas where it’s not intended, but also have a drastic effect on the building itself. Water damage to the face of a wall can cause premature erosion as well as unsightly staining. Gutters and downpipes can be accessed with Ladders and Cherry Pickers to either resolve a blockage or leak or to perform a regular maintenance programme. For more stubborn blockages and as a planned maintenance strategy, learn more about our Tankers and Gully Suckers.


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