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Drain Rodding – What is it?

Drain rodding is one of the most simple and common ways of unblocking drains. It’s a straightforward method and excels in restricted areas. It only takes as small amount of time to unblock a drain using this method which is why it’s great for emergencies. Other methods such as drain jetting tend to take more time to set up, which is why drain rodding is the preferred method for those in a hurry.

Drain Rodding

Drain Rodding Service

The pipes will be unblocked by a specialist while you can relax knowing that there will be no mess in or around your property. This method entails steel rods being inserted directly into the blocked drain where the blockage is dislodged and free flowing conditions are restored.

Drain rodding is extremely helpful when solid objects have caused a blockage in the drain. The most common solid objects that block drains and sewers are: tree roots, fruits dropped by birds, household objects or leaves.

Drain rodding is usually the most appropriate action to take on a blocked drain and is sometimes tried out before anything else; however our specialists will always recommend the best solutions for your specific problems.

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