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Dirty Water leads to Murder

Police were called to Larsons Way in May, following reports of a fight and stabbing. Sultan Ahmed was pronounced dead at the scene. Shofique Uddin has been found guilty of stabbing him to death.

Dirty Water

Dirty Water

The Old Bailey heard earlier that day Uddin’s son had abused a neighbour after she let dirty water drain into his garden. The female neighbour was washing carpets with a hose in her garden in the housing estate when Uddin’s son confronted her saying the dirty water was seeping into their garden Later that evening a group of people, including the victim, went over to Uddin’s house to confront the man over his behaviour. The exchange became heated and witnesses described Mr Uddin swinging a knife wildly.

“Instead of doing your best to defuse the situation, you simply made it worse by your aggression,” said Judge Christopher Moss QC.

London drain dispute out of hand

During the fight that ensued, Uddin stabbed Sultan Ahmed in the back. Another man was bitten while others were left with stab wounds.

“This was a neighbourly dispute that spiralled way out of control with tragic consequences.”Although there were two sides to this dispute, only one side chose to arm themselves with weapons.

“Given that, it is right that Uddin should face the consequences of his actions. I would like to praise the family of the victim, Mr Ahmed, for the dignity they have shown throughout this investigation.”


Mr Uddin has been sentenced to life with a minimum of 14 years. Uddin’s wife Gulbahar Begum, 51, was cleared of two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent while their daughter Rahela Begum, 27, was acquitted of causing actual bodily harm.

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