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Council Street Cleaners Blocking Their Own Drains

Darwen council is having a rather unusual problem with blocked drains. The culprits in this case are actually Council workers. Councillor Paul Browne witnessed street cleaners washing out their vehicles in Frederick Street. They let all the muck run into the street which then clogs up the drains.

Councillor Paul Browne

It’s not even a case of the blockages just happening below ground, as it was quite evident from the picture that the much is building up around the grate of the drain cover as well. If it’s this bad where you can see it, what’s it like below?

The Lancashire Telegraph visited the site in question and confirmed that a number of drains in Frederick Street were indeed blocked.

Head of the Environment and Public Protection at Blackburn and Darwin Council, Tony Watson, said that he would be looking into matters and ensuring that any drains in the vicinity would be taken care of. He also said that he would look into the process of how the street cleaners keep their vehicles in order from now on.

Darwin Council are not alone in these sorts of problems. Many businesses experience blocked drains when cleaning of heavily soiled vehicles or equipment forms part of the day to day maintenance programme.

To avoid problems that this type of use can inflict upon us, it’s well worth getting proper advice and putting into place a maintenance program to deal with matters before they get out of hand.

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