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CCTV Drain Survey – What is it?

A CCTV drain survey is often needed to find out the cause of problems with drains and sewers. In most cases the problem is hidden upon first inspection or is not accessible for close inspection. By using specialist CCTV cameras placed down the drain, the problems can be detected and diagnosed.

CCTV Drain Survey In Action

After years of use, drains and sewers can deteriorate and will need inspecting or replacing at some point. This is why it is vital to have a CCTV drain survey carried out on your drains. The deterioration may be a result of ground movement poor construction or tree root penetration. The survey will not only detect and help to solve any issues; it will put your mind at ease knowing that your drains are in good tact.

The cameras are designed to display full colour and accurate footage back to a monitor that is watched by a drain specialist. The cctv drain survey camera is inserted into the drain at an appropriate access point, which is most commonly a manhole. As the camera travels along the pipe, the operator makes notes of any defects that are shown on the monitor and where they are located in the pipe. This would then help to produce the survey report.

CCTV Drain Survey Report

On completion of the CCTV Drain Survey, a report is compiled containing a diagram and the video tape of inside the drainage system. This is provided to the client and would then use our expert knowledge to recommend any works that are needed on the drain, such as excavation and replacement or lining works. These CCTV surveys are cost effective and determine the most practical remedial options.

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