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National Association of Drainage Contractors member

National Association Of Drainage Contractors

We are proud to be members of the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC). They are dedicated to developing a national network of certified contractors across the UK and Ireland. They promote those who make it onto the certified list to clients who are seeking professional and trustworthy companies to carry out their work. There are a number of different clients that use the NADC to find the perfect company and these include various schools, hospital trusts, colleges, property developers and many more.

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Japanese Knotweed Blocks Drains and Effects Mortgages

Japanese Knotweed

Those looking to buy or sell homes are seeing deals fall through at the last minute upon the discovery of the weed, and others have been told that their homes have plummeted in value after insurers refused to pay out, a BBC programme found.

Matthew and Suzie Jones discovered Japanese Knotweed growing in their house and its value was subsequently cut in half from £300,000.

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London sewers saved from 15 tonne ball of grease

London Sewer Grease Ball

A team of sewerage workers took three weeks to clear bus-sized toxic ball of fat that threatened to flood streets with sewage.

A london sewer worker has become an unlikely hero after taking three weeks to defeat a toxic 15-tonne ball of congealed fat the size of a bus that came close to turning parts of the London borough of Kingston upon Thames into a cesspit.

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Blocked Drains Caused By Wet Wipes Increasing

Blocked Drains Caused By Wet Wipes

Cresco Services have spoken out in support of recent figures from Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company with 14 million customers. Thames Water reported that they deal with 3,500 incidents a month in the London and Thames Valley areas of blocked drains caused by wet wipes. These blocked drains alone add up to an annual cost of £12 million to clear up.

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Drain Investigation after floods in Essex

Drain Investigation

Businesses along Southend seafront were affected by sewage after a pipe burst.

Overflowing drains that contributed to flooding in many parts of Essex at the weekend are to be investigated for problems, Anglian Water has said. A deluge of rain caused flooding in Southend and other areas, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, some have estimated. Anglian Water said it would work with councils and agencies to “understand if any lessons can be learned.”

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