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Things That Grow Plump In The Pipe


So you might guess from that headline that this is about something scary, and it could be.

One of the seasonal problems that cause backed up sinks and blocked drains at this time of year, is the discarded waste from all those carved up Halloween Pumpkins.

Tradition says that for Halloween we should all by a big, plump Pumpkin and carve it into the scariest face possible. I would say that this is something for the kids to do, but I’ve seen plenty of enthusiastic parents chopping away to create a fiendish grin in the large orange fruit – Yup that’s right, a Pumpkin belongs to the same family as the Cucumber, Melon, Butternut Squash and other Gourds.

It’s what happens to all the ‘innards’ of the Pumpkin when you’re finished and this is where the problems can begin.

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Sewage Smell Rumbles In The Mumbles

A popular tourist spot in Swansea is being plagued by the horrible smell of ‘sewage’ which angry residents report is coming from various manhole covers and grates. The area of West Cross and in particular Mumbles Road and beyond seems to be the main problem area.

Mat Davies, from Uplands, said: “For the past two Fridays I have been out jogging along the Prom from St Helen’s to Mumbles. Both of these days were great weather wise but the smell was awful, particurlarly between Blackpill and Mumbles.” He continued: “The smell was like blocked drains and pretty off-putting to be honest.”

The West Cross Inn owner, Vicky Morgans reported that the awful smell has been an ongoing problem for many years. However, recently the smell apears to have worsened.

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Cambridge Hospital Hit With Double Disaster Over Patient Records And Drains

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge was hit with a double disaster yesterday over its drains and patient records.

Ambulances arriving at the hospital had to park up outside A&E for almost two hours as medical staff were hit with not only a computer problem, unabling them to gain access to patient records, but also a problem with the drains.

A patient said: “I noticed five ambulances outside A&E at about 1.45pm, with more coming and going, which is very unusual. The barrier was also down and security was only letting ambulances through at the time. When I got into the hospital the computers were down and staff couldn’t get blood results”.

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Home Buyer Drainage Survey

Home Buyer Drainage Survey

In recent years, home buyer drainage surveys have become increasingly more popular. Part of the reason for this is purely down to the wisdom of the potential new home owner. Many have learned the hard way, by discovering ‘hidden’ problems that don’t reveal themselves until you’re several months into living in your new home. However, we are also seeing an increase in home buyer drainage surveys being a requirement of the Mortgage Company, Insurer or both. These will need to be completed before the exchange of contracts.

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