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Cambridge Hospital Hit With Double Disaster Over Patient Records And Drains

Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge was hit with a double disaster yesterday over its drains and patient records.

Ambulances arriving at the hospital had to park up outside A&E for almost two hours as medical staff were hit with not only a computer problem, unabling them to gain access to patient records, but also a problem with the drains.

A patient said: “I noticed five ambulances outside A&E at about 1.45pm, with more coming and going, which is very unusual. The barrier was also down and security was only letting ambulances through at the time. When I got into the hospital the computers were down and staff couldn’t get blood results”.

A spokesman for the hospital said: ” The computer problem was resolved at 11pm last night and all systems are now operating normally. Patients are continuing to receive excellent care from our Doctors and Nurses as usual”.

As for the drainage problems, he said: “A minor issue with the drainage system in the ambulance bay has now been resolved. In the interim ambulances were being directed to park outside the emergency department entrance”.

It’s amazing how often big organisations such as a hosptial in this example experience problems with drainage that could possibly be avoided with a regualr drainage maintenance programme in place.

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