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Blocked Drains Caused By Wet Wipes Increasing

Cresco Services have spoken out in support of recent figures from Thames Water, the UK’s largest water company with 14 million customers. Thames Water reported that they deal with 3,500 incidents a month in the London and Thames Valley areas of blocked drains caused by wet wipes. These blocked drains alone add up to an annual cost of £12 million to clear up.

Blocked Drains Caused By Wet Wipes

The costs are not just being carried by water companies, however. If a blockage occurs in the sewer pipes that serve a commercial premises, such as a shop, or a domestic property it is usually the business owner or householder who must pay to sort the problem out.

Cresco Services receive an increasing number of calls from businesses and householders who may have sparklingly clean bottoms but are unable to flush their toilets! The problem is particularly significant in London, which has large areas of Victorian premises served by Victorian drains and sewers.
Cresco Director, Steve Jones, explained:

“These new papers and wipes are not broken down by the flushing action in the same way as conventional toilet papers. They do not shear easily and remain as whole sheets which can cause blockages if the flush does not clear them out of the drain and into the sewer.

This was OK when used with Victorian toilets because they released larger quantities of water when they were flushed. Modern cisterns use much less water. This is not usually a problem because it is still enough to shear normal toilet paper and flush everything through to the sewer. With some of these new wipes and papers, though, material is left in the pipes and gradually builds up to create a blockage. We get a lot of blockages too which are caused by baby wipes being flushed.

It would save businesses and householders money and inconvenience if they gave more thought to what is being flushed down the toilet.”

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